Western Australia
Fri 2 February 2018

A-SPEC Industry Forum – February 14

Are you aware of the proposed changes to D, R, O and B-Specs for as-constructed data? Engineers and contractors are invited to the A-SPEC Industry Forum on February 14 in Kwinana to find out more about this and other issues related to the A-Spec suite of digital data specifications.

Topics to be discussed will include:

•  A-SPEC checklists for engineers and contractors

o       how can they contribute to the information required?

o       What are the Authoritative sources for data attributes?

o       How can they reduce the time and cost for As Constructed data?

o       How will this satisfy council?

•  Discussion on proposed changes to D, R & O-Specs.

•  Discussion on further updates proposed

•  Timeline for adoption

•  Auditor request for asset costs

•  Practice Notes

•  Specific areas of interest to the A-SPEC Community

The forum will provide an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns/interests you may have regarding the A-SPEC data specifications. This is a great opportunity to work with your industry colleagues to create opportunities to gain an understanding of

• how to streamline work practices through sharing of your experiences

• get an understanding of the challenges confronting colleagues from the ‘other side of the counter’.

Event Details
A-SPEC Industry Forum
Location: John Wellard Centre, Boronia Room 1, Cnr Runnymede Gate and The Strand, Wellard WA 6170
Date & Time: Wednesday, 14 February, 2018, 9.00am – 11.00am (Note the forum concludes at 4.30PM; engineers and contractors are invited to a 2-hour session)

Please RSVP by February 9 to info@gissa.com.au. Please let us know who will be attending and their area of interest (D-Spec, R-Spec etc.)

Any Questions? Call us on 03 9877 6972 or email info@gissa.com.au .

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