Western Australia
Thu 3 August 2017

ABS data shows population hotspots

The latest population growth data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Western Australia’s population grew fastest of all the states in the ten years to 2016. Baldivis and Ellenbrook were among the five statistical areas that experienced the largest growth in that decade.

Australia’s estimated resident population reached 24.2 million at 30 June 2016, increasing by 3.8 million people or 18% in the ten years since 30 June 2006.

Western Australia’s population increased by 25% in the ten years to 2016, mainly due to strong growth between 2006 and 2011, followed by Victoria (22%), Queensland (21%), the Australian Capital Territory (20%), Northern Territory (18%) and New South Wales (15%). Tasmania had the slowest growth (5.8%) followed by South Australia (10%).

Melbourne had the largest growth of all greater capital cities in the ten years to 2016 (964,600), followed by Sydney (773,600), Brisbane (452,000) and Perth (445,100).

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