Western Australia
Thu 30 March 2017

CCF-IMS paves the way to triple certification

CCF WA Member Roadline Civil Contractors achieved full certification to AS4801, ISO9001 and AS14001 in just six months, thanks to a fast-tracked implementation of the CCF-IMS Contractor Management System.


Roadline is meeting client expectations and pursuing new opportunities following successful certification of its Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental management systems.

Roadline, a Broome-based contractor with an administrative office in Perth, achieved full certification to AS4801 (OHS), ISO9001 (Quality) and AS14001 (Environment) in just six months, thanks to a fast-tracked implementation of the CCF-IMS Contractor Management System with help from consultant AN Computer Systems.

Roadline CFO Patrick Bennison said the company’s management team identified the need for triple certification early in 2016. “We could see significant challenges ahead, with government agencies and private clients increasingly requiring tenderers to have accredited management systems,” Mr Bennison said. “Doing nothing would have reduced our access to ongoing government work and limited our ability to grow.”

Roadline’s timeline for certification was tight; to meet critical deadlines, the company needed to be fully certified by the end of September 2016. Roadline sought advice from CCF WA, which recommended implementation of the proven CCF-IMS Contractor Management System.

CCF WA CEO Jeff Miller said the CCF-IMS was unique as it was designed by contractors, for civil contractors. “CCF contributed to the design and content of the system, so we are confident it meets the needs of civil contractors,” Mr Miller said.

To help achieve certification by the deadline, Roadline engaged AN Computer Systems (ANCS) to consult on the CCF-IMS implementation. The team at ANCS know the CCF-IMS software intimately and have extensive experience implementing management systems.

“Roadline knew that the short timelines, and amount of effort required to meet them, meant that external consultants would be required,” ANCS Consultant Andrew Fisher said. “This is where the ANCS team came in.

“From experience, we know that it is not uncommon for projects such as these to take between six and twelve months. We also know that with commitment and resources from the client, the timeline can be significantly condensed. Using the inbuilt templates from the CCF-IMS and mapping existing systems and processes, we were able to make the required changes, implement them and prepare for the compliance audit in just four months.”

Roadline HSEQ manager Greg Hunt was initially sceptical that the tight schedule for implementation could be met. “When I first saw the timeline, I thought: no way,” Mr Hunt said. “From my experience in previous companies, it had taken over a year to get to certification audit. Once we got started, though, things moved pretty quickly.
“I would not say it was easy. We had to go through everything we do and assess it against the standards. There were some substantial changes in some parts of the business. The working relationship between ANCS and Roadline made sure that everything went smoothly. We knew what we needed to do and when it was required.”

With the CCF-IMS implemented and operating, Roadline undertook its external audit in mid-September.

“The audit went really smoothly.” Mr Hunt said. “Having been through a few audits in the past, I was looking forward to any non-conformity discovered. I see them as gifts to the improvement process. In the end, we had a handful of minor corrective actions and a certified system. We were even complimented on the completeness of the implementation. The auditor made special mention of the CCF-IMS and how useful it is for managing civil projects.”

To find out more about the CCF-IMS Contractor Management System, contact Andy Graham at CCF WA on (08) 9414 1486 or agraham@ccfwa.com.au.