Western Australia
Tue 11 July 2017

CCF WA joins ‘Team WA’ in GST fight

CCF WA has joined forces with other industry groups to endorse the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA)’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE), which underpins the distribution of GST revenue.

The CCIWA has proposed that the GST be reformed to create greater incentives for states to contribute to national economic growth. The models proposed include partial equalisation (reducing the overall distribution between states by either discounting a portion of revenue or equalising to a pre-determined level of acceptable services) and the ‘Alberta model’ of excluding a portion of mining royalties.

These proposals ensure that every Australian citizen lives in a state that has the capacity to deliver an acceptable standard of services, while also restoring strong incentives for states to promote economic development.

To view the full CCI WA submission click here