Western Australia
Mon 13 February 2017

CCF WA launches ‘Roe 8, it’s good for the State’ campaign

The peak body representing WA’s infrastructure construction industry has launched a radio advertising campaign promoting the importance to the State of the Roe 8 and Roe 9 projects.

Civil Contractors Federation WA chief executive officer Jeff Miller said the campaign also aimed to dispel some of the many myths circulating about Roe 8 and 9. “The ads focus on Roe 8 because in the short-term, we want to ensure that project is continued,” Mr Miller said.

“There has been a highly organised and well-funded campaign against Roe 8, and coverage of the issue has tended to focus on the protestors and their claims. The problem is that most of those claims ignore the facts.

“Some of the flawed anti-Roe 8 arguments are challenged directly in the ads, such as the myths that Fremantle Port is nearly full, that cars will pay a toll, that the Beeliar wetland is being ‘destroyed’, and that the $1.2 billion in Federal funding for Roe 8 and 9 can be reallocated to other projects.

“Another popular myth is that the government is rushing to deliver Roe 8. Not so – the tender for the contract was released more than two years ago, the contract was signed in mid-October and works are now well advanced, so we’re understandably disappointed this has become an election issue.

Mr Miller said the campaign included a website – roe8facts.com – where people could go for more detail.

“The purpose of the website and the radio ads is simply to highlight some facts that are being overlooked among all the protests and negative slogans,” he said. “Our campaign is apolitical and focuses on the issues. Whatever the result on March 11, we will work with the elected government to ensure this vitally important piece of infrastructure is built.”

To hear the radio ads and learn more, visit roe8facts.com.