Western Australia
Fri 8 July 2016

CCF WA Safety Alerts launched

CCF WA is proud to launch our new Safety Alerts as a service to members and the industry.

CCF WA Chief Executive Officer Jeff Miller said each Safety Alert described an incident that had recently occurred on a Western Australian civil construction project site.

“These Safety Alerts are designed along similar lines to alerts issued by various safety regulators,” he said.

“In most cases such ‘official’ alerts describe incidents that have resulted in serious injury or damage. We believe there’s great value in our industry also sharing ‘near misses’ and incidents that may have resulted in fairly minor injury, but had the potential to cause greater harm.

“Feedback from members we have consulted is that the alerts are a great initiative that will be a valuable tool for highlighting safety issues to their staff.

“The ongoing success of the alerts depends on the participation of our members. I encourage members to share their incident reports with us as source material for future CCF WA Safety Alerts. Members can be assured of anonymity as all information that may identify the company is removed from the alerts.”

The CCF WA Safety Alerts are sponsored by Skytrust – a diverse, cloud-based intelligence system designed to streamline a company’s operations in areas including QHSE compliance, equipment management and human resources.

To view a pdf of CCF WA Safety Alert 2016-01, click here.

CCF WA Safety Alert 16-01