Western Australia
Wed 6 September 2017

Changes to DoT flashing light approvals

The Department of Transport has advised there is a new application process for the authorisation of amber/yellow flashing warning lights on vehicles.

Amber/yellow flashing warning lights alert road users of a hazard on a gazetted/public road and/or an obstruction to the flow of traffic.

Some vehicles are permitted to fit and display amber/yellow flashing lights without making an application, including:

  • Oversize and over mass vehicles being driven in accordance with an order or permit issued by Main Roads WA or the Department of Transport.
  • Pilot and escort vehicles travelling in front of or behind an oversize or over mass vehicle as described above.
  • Vehicles engaged in construction or maintenance of a road, as defined by Regulation 285(4) of the Road Traffic Code 2000.

If your vehicle does require authorisation, you may make an application to the Department of Transport (DoT) for consideration to fit and display yellow/amber flashing warning lights. To download the application form click here.

If the application is not related to use of a vehicle for a specified event on a gazetted road, applicants should attach supporting information on company letterhead:

  • Overview of organisation.
  • Details of the hazardous duties that require the use of amber/yellow flashing warning lights.
  • Vehicle details.

Submit completed form and supporting documentation to DVSPolicy@transport.wa.gov.au.

DoT will notify you of the outcome of your application within three weeks. If approved, conditions of use for the flashing yellow/amber warning lights will be outlined in the letter of authorisation.

Note authorisations are now granted for a finite period ranging from 2 years or aligning with specific contractual agreements in place.