Western Australia
Tue 27 February 2018

ERA to look at business licensing reform

WA businesses will be given the opportunity to suggest how the State Government can reduce the regulatory burden and economic costs of business licenses.

State Treasurer Ben Wyatt has asked the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry into business licensing that will look at

  • impacts of the current licensing arrangements
  • ways to improve the design and administration of licences;
  • areas of reform, including alternatives to licensing
  • whether individual licences are necessary, well-designed and well-administered;

The ERA has been asked to recommend reforms to specific business licences and licensing arrangements more generally that will produce net benefits for Western Australia.

The inquiry will finish on 22 February 2019, when the ERA will provide a final report, including recommendations, to the Treasurer. It is expected to publish a consultation paper early this year.

CCF WA will keep members informed about the inquiry any opportunities for businesses to contribute.