Western Australia
Tue 27 February 2018

Federal Safety Commissioner clarifies SWMS requirements

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner has developed a fact sheet to provide information regarding its standards and expectations when reviewing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) during an OFSC audit.

The SWMS Fact Sheet explains in detail what the OFSC requires in relation to both the content of SWMS, and the process used to develop them. Importantly, the fact sheet also details what is not required by the OFSC in relation to SWMS content, dispelling a number of common misconceptions.

The fact sheet’s key points include:

The OFSC does not mandate that a SWMS is required other than where required under legislative/Code requirements in the relevant state or territory or where required by the Principal Contractor’s own system.

There is no OFSC SWMS template. The OFSC does not dictate the form and content of a SWMS.

While the OFSC criteria require Principal Contractors to assess the risk of identified hazards this does not have to be in the SWMS.

Click here to download the SWMS fact sheet.