Western Australia
Fri 2 June 2017

Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects underway

The State Government’s Commission of Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects is calling for submissions. The procurement and delivery of major projects including Elizabeth Quay, Perth Stadium and the Ord River Irrigation Expansion Project will be examined. CCF WA Members are invited to contact us with information that could be used in a submission.

The Inquiry will examine 26 State Government programs and projects, focusing on governance arrangements and decision-making processes including:

1. Their financial consequences – including any ongoing liabilities and obligations (intended or otherwise), and whether those undertakings represented value for money.

2. The adequacy of the decision-making processes leading to the awarding of the projects, including the adequacy of their supporting business cases and assessments of risks to taxpayer funds.

3. The adequacy of their procurement processes.

4. Whether reasonable value for money outcomes were achieved.

5. The validity of the use of ‘commercial in confidence’ reasons to justify non-disclosure to the public of contract information and whether that justification was valid (in the public interest) in the particular circumstances.

Click here for more information about the inquiry.

Click here for the terms of reference

Please contact Andy Graham on agraham@ccfwa.com.au with any feedback that could be used in a submission (note submissions must address the terms of reference)