Western Australia
Fri 15 December 2017

LAST CHANCE: Metronet procurement survey closes Thursday

As part of procurement planning for the Yanchep Extension and Thornlie-Cockburn Link projects, the Metronet team is seeking input from construction contractors. CCF WA encourages all members to complete the survey by the January 18 deadline.

The online market sounding survey is an opportunity to provide feedback on your company’s capabilities and experience, and to outline any factors that may make it more or less likely for  you to participate in Metronet projects. 

In our engagement with the Public Transport Authority, CCF WA has recommended a combination of project procurement and delivery models which: provide access to Tier 1 project delivery systems and processes; maximise the participation of local Tier 2 and Tier 3 (i.e. larger SMEs) contractors and consultants, and therefore their long-term local WA workforce; and ensures that the participation and benefits of Metronet are shared equitably across all tiers of industry, without inequitable transfer of risk to lower tier participants. 

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