Western Australia
Thu 3 August 2017

Pre-laid gas service markers

To enhance safety and reduce the risk of damage to gas infrastructure within new subdivisions, ATCO Gas Australia will be installing above ground markers to services from August 2017 to indicate the location of the end of pre-laid gas services. This will provide developers and construction companies with clearer visibility of pre-laid service locations.

What are pre-laid services?
Yellow (or black with yellow stripes) pre-laid gas services are installed during the construction of a gas main, and provide a service connection point at a later date when the property is ready for gas.

Where can they be found?
Pre-laid gas services are typically laid at right angles to the gas main connection in the street at a depth between 450mm – 600mm. Generally they terminate approximately 1.3m into the lot and 0.2m from the side boundary.

When are pre-paid services made live?
All pre-laid services should be treated as live. Upon completion of underground construction activities it is not uncommon for this pipework to be connected to the gas network and made live immediately.

What precautions can I take to help prevent damaging a gas service pipe?
Check the location of all underground assets in your work area prior to commencing work utilising Dial Before You Dig plans and the Four Ps of Safe Excavation – Plan, Pothole, Protect and Proceed.
Please note a lack of service marker is not an indication that a gas service is not present.

For more information please contact ATCO Gas Australia on 13 13 56 (local call fee from anywhere in the state excluding mobiles) or e-mail NewMains&Svc@atcogas.com.au.