Western Australia
Thu 17 August 2017

Skytrust helps Cape streamline operations

CCF WA Member Cape appreciates the flexibility and accessibility the Skytrust organisational management system offers its vastly mobile workforce, providing an integrated, one-stop shop for its multi-faceted operations.

Cape provides world class solutions to businesses operating in the resources, utilities and infrastructure sectors. It undertakes a variety of work, specialising in civil and mining services and underground utility installation and maintenance. Cape’s services range from crushing and screening to gas/water pipeline/cable installation and from water management to civil earthworks.

This case study outlines how the Skytrust Intelligence System has streamlined the company’s operations in areas including QHSE compliance, equipment management and human resources.

In 2016, Cape recognised there were some areas of the business that could benefit from a superior system for managing organisational risks and document control.
Some of the key areas of concern were:

  • The tracking of assets – any machinery or tools of more than $100 value – was laborious and inaccurate.
  • Some operational processes were inefficient and likely costing the company both time and money.
  • The company’s version control of documents needed vast improvement.
  • There was no easy way to find out if and when staff members’ licences and/or accreditations had expired, nor to track any of the subcontractors the company may have employed.

With more than 200 people working at multiple sites across the state, Cape needed greater operational visibility, as well as a streamlined, accurate system that addressed the management of planning and tasks, projects, safety, quality, environmental concerns, human resources, assets and training.

Cape looked at a variety of options before finding Skytrust – a diverse, cloud-based organisational management system that could be customised to suit the company’s own unique processes.

Cape appreciated the flexibility and accessibility the platform offered its vastly mobile workforce, providing an integrated, one-stop shop for its multi-faceted operations.

After Skytrust was rolled out across Cape in 2016, the company experienced the following benefits in its day-to-day operations:

  • Where previously a spreadsheet had been used to monitor the use of equipment, Skytrust enabled this information to be accessed on site, using only a smartphone.
  • Automated email alerts to notify Management when licences and accreditations expire to ensure compliance.
  • Automated email alerts when incidents or injuries are reported.
  • Greater visibility into the human resources allocated to each project, including the tracking of subcontractors.
  • Comprehensive incident reporting to record, monitor and investigate an injury or environmental hazard.
  • Access to an online community enabling Cape to share its experiences with other civil contracting companies across the country, ensuring continuous system improvements and support.

Call CCF WA on 08 9414 1486 to arrange a free 3 month trial of Skytrust. CCF WA members receive a 20% discount on the Skytrust standard platform.