Western Australia

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) is the representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.

WA Branch – Our History

In 1975 a group of civil contractors in Western Australia formed the Land Development Contractors Association (LDCA). In the late 1980s the LDCA joined the national contractor association then known as the Australian Earthmovers and Road Contractors Federation (AERCF), which eventually became the Civil Contractors Federation in 1995.

The CCF was established as a union of employers registered under the Federal Workplace Relations laws focused on providing balance to the industrial relations debates that have been commonplace at different times in Australia’s history.

Under the leadership of several very committed Branch Presidents, Executive Directors and CEOs the Western Australia Branch has broadened its focus over the years to encompass all of the activities generally associated with an Industry Peak Body .

The input and involvement of all members has and will continue to be critical to the ongoing growth and evolution of the CCF in WA. We are acutely aware and grateful of the dedication of so many of our members who so willingly commit their time to the Federation. It is an enduring strength of the CCF.

The dynamic nature of our industry and close interaction with governments and other industries means that our members work in an environment of constant change and fluctuation. The CCF also operates in this environment as we continually review our operations to ensure we are meeting the ever changing needs of our members.

We look forward to continuing and strengthening this commitment to our members and we are confident that your CCF membership will deliver the representation and services you require.