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Fri 1 June 2018

Gas Accreditation Expiry

14/02/2017 Revised - Expiry Date Process

ATCO Gas have recently updated the process of recording expiry dates for successful participants through the Refresher Courses.

Going ahead, only the year will change on expiry dates. The day and month will remain the same.

This change has been implemented so all Refresher attendees will receive the whole 24 months of accreditation, even if attending a Refresher Course days/weeks earlier than their expiry date.  


21/09/2016 - 
Expiring Accreditation

Participants who go through the Gas PE Sub Divisions Infrastructure Course, gain accreditation to allow them to lay gas pipes. This accreditation lasts for 2 years. During these 2 years while your accreditation is valid, you are to attend a Refresher Course, to keep accreditation valid. This responsibility lays solely with the accreditation holder and their employer. We suggest completing the course a month or so prior to the expiry date, to avoid any lapse in accreditation.

ATCO Gas have determined that there will be no exemptions for expired accreditations.

If you cannot attend the Refresher Course during the time your accreditation is valid, you will need to attend the 3 Day Course.

Please note, if your accreditation is expired you are not permitted to work on any sites that would require you to have this.
Refresher and Full 3 Day Courses are both run monthly at Civil Train, to give you the best opportunity to attend and keep accreditation valid.

Participants must have VALID accreditation to attend the Gas Refresher 1 Day Course. 



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Date Fri 1 June 2018