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Fri 17 February 2017

CCF WA Industry & Training Awards

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The Individual Safety Contribution Award and Workplace Health and Safety Award recognise a person or company that has shown significant commitment to raising safety standards in the industry.

The Indigenous Development Award recognises a company that shows an outstanding commitment in the areas of Indigenous engagement and employment.

The Women in Civil Award recognises a female in the civil construction Industry who has made a significant contribution.

The Future Leader Award honours an exceptional person, still relatively early in their career, who through their commitment to the civil sector has demonstrated the potential to be a future industry leader.

The President’s Award recognises an exceptional person who has made an excellent and sustained industry-wide contribution over many years.


CCF WA Industry Awards

Future Leader Award (sponsored by Dial Before You Dig): Winner: Jason Fletcher, Georgiou Group. Finalists: Anthony Raynor, Underground Services; Patric Spahn, RJ Vincent.

Women in Civil Award (sponsored by AWX) – Winner: Jessica O’Donnell, Tasman Civil. Finalists: Jane Robson, Underground Services; Belinda Shepherd, National Grid Link; Lindsey Kennewell, Kerbing West Group.

Indigenous Development Award (sponsored by LandCorp) – Winner: Brierty Limited. Finalists: Georgiou Group.

Individual Safety Award (sponsored by Hitachi) – Winner: Marty Bertuleit, Densford Civil. Finalists: Katherine Hyde, Buckby Contracting; Ry Fonseka, Reilly Contractors.

Workplace Health & Safety Award (sponsored by Hitachi) – Winner: DM Civil. Finalists: Buckby Contracting; Brierty Limited; Densford Civil.

Civil Train Training Awards
Certificate II Trainee of the Year (sponsored by Construction Training Fund) – Winner: Brodie Reeve. Finalists: Danika Alexander.

Certificate III Trainee of the Year (sponsored by Construction Training Fund) – Winner: Brendan Griffiths, Fulton Hogan. Finalists: Aaron Rowe, Buckby Contracting; Andrew Grelck, Vasse Civil; Ryan Hall, DM Civil; Jack Reti, Georgiou Group; Maua Aiesi, Underground Services.

Certificate IV Trainee of the Year (sponsored by Construction Training Fund) – Winner: Clifford Dawson, Georgiou Group. Finalists: Aaron Shapkaris, Georgiou Group; Jonathan Riding, Reilly Contractors.

Training Employer of the Year (sponsored by Dial Before You Dig) – Winner: Georgiou Group. Finalists: Buckby Contracting; Fulton Hogan; Tasman Civil; Underground Services.

CCF WA Industry Awards Honour Roll

Presidents’ Award
2010 – Greg Murphy
2011 – Mike Morris
2012 – Peter Rowles
2013 – Reg Toohey
2014 – Peter Georgiou
2015 – Jim Giumelli

Jim Giumelli, the founder of Western Australia-based civil contractor Ertech, was honoured with the President’s Award.

Mr Giumelli established Ertech in 1981 and the company has steadily grown to become one of WA’s leading civil contractors. It is also the largest wholly employee-owned construction company in Australia, with more than 70 employee shareholders.

CCF WA CEO Jeff Miller said the President’s Award recognised an exceptional person who had made an excellent and sustained industry wide contribution over many years.

“Ertech is an acknowledged industry leader in every facet of its operations, with a sustained commitment in areas such as training, safety and Indigenous Engagement,” Mr Miller said.

“Jim Giumelli’s commitment to investing in people, both those already working in the field and those seeking to enter it, is proving beneficial across the industry.

“He is a most deserving winner and we thank him for his distinguished contribution over more than 40 years, helping lead the civil construction industry to a strong, sustainable future.”
2015 Industry & Training Award winners and finalists are listed below.

Future Leader Award
2010 – Mark Armstrong
2011 – Glenn Johnston
2012 – Jason Ponosh
2013 – Clynton Saxon
2014 – Luke Horsley
2015  – Jason Fletcher, Georgiou Group

Individual Safety Contribution Award

2011 – Felipe Soto
2012 – Stuart Bond
2013 – Laurie Brown
2014 – Tristan Dudman
2015  – Marty Bertuleit, Densford Civil

Women in Civil Award

2011 – Jacqueline Outram
2012 – Sharon Kais
2013 – Erin Studsor
2014 – Belinda Shepherd
2015 - Jessica O’Donnell, Tasman Civil

Indigenous Development Award
2011 – Georgiou
2012 – Brierty
2013 – Brierty
2014 – Brierty
2015 – Brierty

Workplace Health & Safety Award
2011 – Underground Services
2012 – Central Earthmoving
2013 – DM Civil
2014 – DM Civil
2015 – DM Civil



CCF WA’s Training Awards recognise high achievement by Civil Train trainees and their employers.

CCF WA Training Awards Honour Roll

Certificate II Trainee of the Year
2013 – David Starr
2014 – Kurtis t’Hart
2015 – Brodie Reeve

Certificate III Trainee of the Year
2010 – Cid Richards
2011 – Brent Fairlie
2012 – Jim Naumoski
2013 – Jason James
2014 – Andrew Fisher
2015 - Brendan Griffiths, Fulton Hogan

Certificate IV Trainee of the Year
2010 – Michael Sinclair
2011 – Brad Lanciano
2012 – Allan Coupland
2013 – Mark Lee
2014 – Justin Hanley”
2015 - Clifford Dawson, Georgiou Group

Indigenous Trainee of the Year
2010 – Allan Cooper
2011 – Kristopher Barton
2012 – Hiroshi Masatora
2013 – Brendan Bell
2014 – Nathaniel McGuire

Training Employer of the Year
2010 – Southern Road Services
2011 – Traffic Management S/W
2012 – Georgiou Group
2013 – Fulton Hogan
2014 – Wormall Civil
2015 – Georgiou Group



Date Fri 17 February 2017
Venue Crown Perth