Western Australia



CCF WA’s Safety Alerts describe actual incidents that have occurred on Western Australian civil construction sites. The incidents are shared by CCF WA members with the aim of continuously improving safety in our industry.

Safety Alert  16-01: Unoccupied loader rolls into excavator
This alert highlights the importance of following basic safety requirements when parking a wheeled front-end loader.

Safety Alert 16-02: Bucket unexpectedly detaches from excavator
This alert reminds excavator operators to always insert the safety pin when attaching a bucket to a quick hitch.

Safety Alert 16-03: Danger of electric shock from induced voltage
This alert warns of the potential for electric shock injury when working in the vicinity of high voltage overhead power lines.

Safety Alert 16-04: Severe facial injury sustained from hand-held concrete cutting saw
This alert reminds operators to always follow safety procedures to reduce the risk of ‘kickback’ injury from a concrete cutting saw (quickcut).

Safety Alert 16-05: Live electrical cable cut during fencing works
This alert reminds head contractors and subcontractors of their obligations to control the risk of damaging underground services while digging.

Safety Alert 17-01: Collapse of plinth wall during construction
This alert highlights the importance of conducting comprehensive risk assessments prior to and during the construction of masonry walls.

Safety Alert 17-02: Head injury suffered during excavation works
This alert highlights the danger of moving into an excavator’s slewing area before the bucket is grounded and communication has been made with the operator.

Safety Alert 17-03: Subcontractor damages overhead powerline
This alert underlines the importance of always following a SWMS, even in bad weather or when under perceived pressure from deadlines or other factors.

Safety Alert 17-04: Uncontrolled interaction between service truck and excavator
This alert highlights the importance of always following exclusion zone procedures and other processes to ensure safe vehicle interactions.

Safety Alert 17-05: Excavator cuts through live HV cable
This alert reminds excavator operators of their obligation to ensure Dial Before You Dig information has been obtained and viewed prior to excavation. 


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